We believe in creating without creating waste, and we do everything in our power to do so. Our genuine crystals are carefully sourced from local independent collectors and on site from sacred mines in Brazil. Our locally sourced metals & chains are always upcycled from fragments of vintage findings, oR hand- milled without the use of large scale production. With each collection, we create jewelry that transcends gender separation, continually striving to evolve social mindsets and boundaries. We believe in conscious design, through it designers and consumers have an opportunity to change the world.



Each is made from gold or silver plated recycled vintage chains and naturally magical stones. Created to be worn as a long pendant or a choker. These talismans are handcrafted to empower you, and ignite the energy you wish to embody.



For as long as she can remember, Betsy has had a deep sense of empathy and intuition. She designs through that sense. Custom pieces are created by hand to empower the wearer and encourage the flow of healing energy within their life. Guided by intuition and your story, the designer will create a piece with the intention to help guide your energy where you need it most. These pieces range in price according to metal components and stones chosen. Each recycled jewelry element and stone is hand selected, cleansed and charged before it is used within its new incarnation as a custom piece. Each piece is made to order and all elements are  sourced for the wearer. Due to the nature of this process, these pieces start at $200 and are shipped within 3 weeks. For custom requests, please fill out form below.