Aura Hair Rings

Aura Hair Rings


Amulets for your hair :: Open rings hand forged in Silver plated Copper, embellished with a Pyrite and a Herkimer Diamond. Set of 6 hair rings made to order, ready to ship in 5 business days.

Metals: Silver forms in small star explosions called supernovae, it is antimicrobial as well as an energy conductor. When silver is used with crystals, it amplifies the properties emitted by the vibration of the stone. Copper is known to improve blood circulation, detox the body and amplify energy. It is worn to increase mental agility. Both of these metals are believed to expand psychic abilities.

Stones: Known as the Stone of Attunement, Herkimer Diamonds help adapt to any situation or environment. They elevate your energy to a higher level, as it a high vibration stone. These are one of the strongest stones to clear electromagnetic pollution. They help access past life information so you recognize blockages to your spiritual growth, lighting your soul's purpose.

Pyrite is a powerful booster of confidence creativity, and action; this stone is excellent for overcoming one’s fears and aiding in the manifestation of great hopes and desires. This stone expands mental capabilities-balancing instinct with intuition, creativity with analysis. It sees behind facades to what is & strengthens confidence within.

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