Art is the language of the soul, it can change the world. After a decade of designing apparel in the Fashion Industry, Betsy decided to take a more sustainable approach to her art, and started a jewelry line to transcend the pollution the industry she had been in for so long had caused. This collection was created to honor nature, healing and self empowerment. Each piece is thoughtfully composed of forgotten treasures.  Each is a bridge between the past and our present moment. Consciously crafted, THESE re-cycled & re-imagined objects are given new life AND embellished with a GENUINE STONE OR crystal. these reincarnated pieces of wearable ENERGY ARE CRAFTED TO infuse transformation into your life. 


We believe in creating without creating waste, and we do everything in our power to do so. Our values are rooted in transparency and sustainability. the genuine stones and crystals we use are carefully curated from local independent collectors in Los Angeles or on site from sacred mines in Abadiania, Brazil. Our locally sourced metals & chains are always upcycled from fragments of vintage findings, hand- milled without the use of non energy efficient machinery or large scale production. Each piece is handmade by the designer in her Los Angeles studio.  With each collection, we create jewelry that transcends gender separation, continually striving to evolve social mindsets and boundaries. We believe in conscious design, through it designers and consumers have an opportunity to change the world.


A portion of profits go to environmental relief efforts, thank you for helping heal the world around us. A portion of profits will be donated to, a non-profit dedicated to ending the clean water crisis in developing countries.  Since 2008, has funded over 727 clean water projects in 19 developing countries, bringing clean and safe drinking water to over 415,000 people. Our hope is that in purchasing a piece of this collection, you not only infuse the healing energy of these stones into your life, but that this collection helps heal the world.